Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fallen Angels CRQs ch 1-3

English 11 mcrawford

Fallen Angels Chapter 1-3

Please answer the following questions carefully and completely. Write a brief paragraph for each question. Use evidence from the text.

A) Emphasis on Peewee’s character development is an important part of the opening chapters of this novel. Describe Peewee’s character. What do we learn about his background in the first three chapters? How is this character developed? Why do you think his characterization plays such a big role so early?

B) Richard Perry, our narrator, is also introduced in the first three chapters, though perhaps more subtly than Peewee. What is Perry like? What do we learn about his background? How do we learn it?

C) How are the men addressed during their first moments in Vietnam? What narrative purpose is served by the description of the two marines who have “been in Nam a while” in this scene?

D) The war (and staying alive) is not the only conflict in this novel. What other issue(s) is introduced in these early chapters? What does this promise to do for the plot?

E) Who is Jenkins? How is he characterized? Where is he by the end of chapter 3?

F) Describe the three flashbacks (Perry’s) in the first three chapters. What purpose do they serve?

G) Identify the role of and importance of the following:

• Johnson
• Simpson
• Carroll
• Monaco
• Brunner
• The medical profile

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