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CRQs Fallen Angels Ch. 14-15

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English 11
Fallen Angels

Critical Reading Questions: Chapters 14-15

Answer all Questions completely on a separate piece of paper. Staple this prompt to your answers. Open book. Use evidence from the text to support your answer. Due at the end of the period.

A) You’ve heard various expressions about giving someone (or an idea) a human face. In chapter 14, faces and the destruction of or removal of faces is emphasized. Trace the several times a human face is emphasized and explain what happens. What might be the writer’s purpose here? What idea is he trying to emphasize? What is happening to Perry?

B) “We could have burned as easily as we put out the fires” (150). What is happening here? How can this be explained or made sense of? How does this fit into any of the stories that have been told so far?

C) On page 164 Perry tries to imagine the thoughts of another. Who is he thinking about? What is he trying to figure out?

D) Why does Lobel write to apologize to his father? Is he really sorry?

E) “But it meant being some other person than I was when I got to Vietnam” (183). What is Perry trying to figure out here? Is he satisfied with his conclusion? How might this passage serve in your paper about telling a true war story?

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