Monday, February 20, 2012

CRQs ch 12-13 Fallen Angels

English 11
Fallen Angels

Reading Accountability Quiz: Chapters 12-13

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Answer all Questions completely on a separate piece of paper. Staple this prompt to your answers. Open book. Use evidence from the text to support your answer. Due at the end of the period.

A) Faggots. Commies. Draft cards burned. Short squads. Canada. Put these elements together and explain the conversation in chapter 12 that contains them. What does Perry think about the conversation? What is meant by “being in the crowd meant you could be killed”?

B) After the above discussion, Perry has a related conversation with Johnson. “You trying to figure out who the good guys, huh?” How does Johnson deal with this question? How does Perry? How is this related to our paper topic?

C) Who is Turner? What happens to him? Is this loss meant to be compared to the loss of Jenkins? How does Perry respond? Explain.

D) Explain what happens with the claymores? Why do you think the author included this incident? In what ways does it contribute to the development of the character? In what ways does it contribute to the development of thematic concerns in the novel? How does Perry deal with it? How does he explain it to himself? Does this illuminate the idea that sometimes what could have happened can be as powerful as what happens? Explain.

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