Monday, February 20, 2012

CRQs ch. 9-11 Fallen Angels

English 11
Fallen Angels
Reading Accountability Quiz: Chapters 9-11

Answer all Questions completely on a separate piece of paper. Staple this prompt to your answers. Open book. Use evidence from the text to support your answer. Due at the end of the period.

A) How does Lobel use the movies to explain the pacification mission to Perry? How does Perry feel about this characterization?

B) In chapter 6 Lobel introduced the idea of deciding on a role for yourself. (Are you the baby-faced virgin who gets killed or Lee Marvin as a tough sergeant?) Perry is going through similar questions here, especially on and around page 95—similar but not exactly the same. Explain. How is this need to understand one’s role related to the large questions we are considering in our paper?

C) Describe the scene in which Lt. Carroll falls. Is the setting significant? In what way?

D) What Letter is Perry asked to write? How does he describe this task? How does Simpson describe the task? How is this passage related to the concerns of our paper?

E) Perry explains that Lt. Carroll’s death is different than that of Jenkins. How does he describe the difference?

F) “Can’t handle nothing deeper.” This phrase appears on page 116. What is being discussed? What does the speaker mean? Insight for your war story essay? Explain.

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