Monday, March 19, 2012

links: some extra resources for the war story paper

"War is the beautiful young nymph in the fairy tale that, when kissed, exhales the vapors of the underworld." --Chris Hedges

debatepedia on the war in afghanistan

Voice of America on the killing of civilians in Afghanistan

two arguments on war in afghanistan

Chris Hedges. Murder is not an Anomaly in War. (warning graphic content)

Letter from Afghanistan: A Gathering Menace

"Make sure nothing lives. Cows: Taliban food. Sheep. Taliban food. Donkeys. Taliban transportation. Kill Everything."

"You know what? F-- these people."

"This is where I come to do f---ed-up things, so I don't do them at home."

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  1. it's all part of being human, is there any wonder there is no hope for us?