Friday, March 2, 2012

CRQs: conclusion of Fallen Angels (the valley of the shadow of death)

English 11

Chapter 16
A) In this chapter Perry is evacuated and wakes up in the hospital. Why? What happens to Brew?

B) What does Perry talk about with the Chaplain? The chapter closes with Perry thinking about PeeWee’s advice for understanding his reason for being there? What reason does he consider? Why does he think, “it meant being some other person than I was when I got to Nam?”

Chapter 17-18
C) In chapter 17, Perry returns to Alpha company. In chapter 18 they get involved in heavy fighting. What was this scene like? Who gets killed?

Chapter 19
In chapter 19 the men who survive can’t even deal properly with the dead. What do they have to do? Perry says in this chapter, “They were me and they were dead.” What symbolic purpose might this have?

Chapter 21-23 (Short essay/paragraph answer) Begin with the quote in the previous question. Then add the ingredients—imagery and dialogue—from the list below, and explain how they work together in Myers’ efforts to create archetypal symbolic significance for his story:
• crossing the river
• into the dark
• “disappear into the blackness”
• “save one (frag grenade) for myself if it came to that”
• “We were all afraid of the dark”
• yea, though I walk through the valley. . .
• “we held hands in the darkness”
• spider hole “it felt like an open grave”
• “they ain’t taking me alive”
• “if daylight comes we might live”
• thou preparest a table for me in the presence of mine enemies
• “I think this is his hole”
• pole/blade pushed in hole. “I saw blood on Peewee’s hand”
• pulling the dead Cong into the hole
• “the smell of death filled our small grave”
• “all three of us were wrapped around each other”
• recrossing the stream “the water turned bright crimson around him”
• Monaco against the tree. Dead?
• He was sitting in the shadow of death
• Monaco “I was dead and I was brought back to life again.”
• “We weren’t allright. We would have to learn to be alive again.”

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