Thursday, September 8, 2011

CRQs Act 2 The Crucible

Interesting poster from a performance in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

English 11
The Crucible CRQ Act 2

A) When and where does Miller set Act 2? How does he set the scene? How does he describe the room. What takes place—before any of the dialogue—that might help an attentive audience understand the relationship between the Proctors?
B) Copy down two or three sentences that reveal how Proctor’s earlier indiscretion with Abigail still hangs over the relationship between Proctor and his wife.
C) What differences are there between the court’s disposition toward Goody Osburn and its disposition toward Goody Good? Of what are they accused? Why will one hang but not the other?
D) “I saved her life today!” (page 63) Who says this? About whom? What is then revealed? What, after learning this, does Elizabeth Proctor urge her husband to do?
E) Rev. Hale comes to visit then “without the court’s authority.” Why has he come? What does he want to know about the Proctors? How does he go about investigating this?
F) What does Proctor say about “golden candlesticks”? What does he mean?
G) Which of the Ten Commandments does Proctor fail to remember? Is this significant? Why? Or why not?
H) How does Rev. Hale respond when Proctor reveals that Abigail told him that this all “had naught to do with witchcraft?”
I) When Giles Corey and Francis Nurse come in we learn that others have been accused and arrested. Who? How does Hale respond? How does Proctor respond? Elizabeth?
J) Explain why the doll (the poppet) plays such an important role. Who made it? To whom was it given? Why does Cheever get so worked up about it?
K) Why is Mary Warren scared to testify about the poppet? What does she tell Proctor to persuade him not to testify against Abigail? How does Proctor respond?
L) What does Proctor seem willing to do as the curtain falls on Act 2?

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