Tuesday, September 6, 2011

AP students. CRQs for "What Me? Showing Off?" by Judith Viorst

(the essay appears on page 108 of your Patterns of Exposition text.

A) Who wrote this essay? Where is she from? Where did she go to school?

B) Where did this essay first appear? For what kind of audience was it written?

C) Your editors describe this essay as having a "breezy, humorous" tone but with a more serious purpose. What is the serious purpose?

D) What major rhetorical strategy does the writer of this essay employ? (hint: in what section if your text does it appear?)

E) What is an NSO? A CSO?

F) In what paragraph does the writer explicitly state her thesis? What is her thesis?

G) In paragraph 17 the writer describes a "Phi Beta Kappa key gleaming in the cleavage." What kind of showing off is this? What message is being sent?

H) In the penultimate paragraph the writer quotes Lord Chesterfield. Why? What was Chesterfields advice to his sons?

I) In the final paragraph the writer does what might be described as a call to action. What does she suggest we do (or not do)?

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