Monday, March 14, 2011

Fahrenheit 451 critical reading questions 3

English 12 ENG12PLC
Fahrenheit 451

Critical Reading Questions 3: pages 23-44
a)“Hey. The man’s thinking.” Who says this? To whom? In what context? What does he turn out to be thinking about? How does the conversation go from this point? (page 23)
b) What does Mildred do while Guy is at work? What does she consider fun? Is she articulate when asked about it? Explain. What does she want?
c) On page 25 Guy runs into Clarisse again. What does she have to say about:
• Rain
• Trying things
• Dandelions
• The psychiatrist
• Birds and butterflies
• Montag’s response to her moon questions (compared to others)
d) Explain the mechanical hound, it’s response to Montag and his concerns about it.
e) Why does Clarisse apologize to Montag on page 32. How does he, in turn, respond? Explain.
f) Why isn’t Clarisse in school? How does she describe school? What classes is she supposed to be taking? What is our writer telling us about education in this world?
g) Clarisse is apparently “abnormal.” What are the normal kids like in this world? What do they do?
h) What does Clarisse do all day instead? Where does she go? When she listens to people what does she hear? Why do you think this is the case?
i) How does the world feel to Montag on the day Clarisse does not appear?
j) On page 38 Montag suddenly asks a question as if Clarisse is speaking through him. What does he ask? How do his colleagues respond?
k) On pages 39-44 the firemen go out on a call. They burn an old lady’s books. How did they find out about the location? How does the woman respond? What reasons does Beatty give for burning the books? What happens to the woman? On the way back, who is it that knows the reference to Master Ridley and the candle? Why him? Explain the historical/literary reference.

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