Monday, March 14, 2011

Fahrenheit 451 critical reading questions 2

English 12 ENG12PLC
Fahrenheit 451
Critical Reading Questions 2: pages 8-23

A) Before meeting Clarisse, what was Montag thinking about as he walked home? Why? Explain?
B) How does Bradbury build suspense or reader interest in the encounter with Clarisse? How does he set the scene before she actually makes an appearance? Why do you think he does this?
C) The physical of Clarisse is detailed. What does she look like? Why so detailed?
D) Before she even speaks, Clarisse makes Montag feel a certain way. How does she make him feel?
E) Once Clarisse speaks to him, Montag has another unusual feeling about the encounter. How does Bradbury explain this?
F) What does Clarisse ask/reveal about:
• Reading?
• History of firemen?
• Laughter?
• Jet cars?
• Billboards?
• Dew on the grass?
• Happiness?
G) After arriving home, Montag thinks of Clarisse’s face as a mirror and then wonders at “what an immense figure she was on the stage before him.” Explain these metaphors.
H) On page 15 Montag opens his bedroom door. Describe what he expects to find. Then describe what he actually finds. What has happened to Mildred?
I) Describe Mildred’s treatment by the emergency personnel. A reader might say that what is horrifying about this incident is not that it is dramatic but that it seems so routine. What details does Bradbury include to make it seem so?
J) How does Montag respond to the incident with Mildred? What does he hear when he opens the window? Why do you think the writer included these sounds from across the “moon-colored lawn”?

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