Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Crucible CRQs Act 3

A) When and where does Miller set Act 3?  How does he set the scene?  How does he describe the room?  How might the set contribute to the tone of this part of the play?
B) How does Miller describe Judge Hathorne and Judge Danforth?
C) Explain Hathorne’s logic as he questions Martha Corey.  When she denies knowing anything about witchcraft, how does Hathorne respond?  Does this make sense?  What does this reveal?
D) Who does Proctor bring to the court?  What does she say?  How does Danforth respond?
E) “Plow on Sunday!” (95)  What does this mean?  Who says it and why?  What is being discussed?
F) What does Parris say about Cain and Abel?  Why?  What is his point?
G) Danforth reveals that Elizabeth Proctor has claimed to be pregnant.  He then offers John Proctor a kind of deal.  What does he offer?  How does Proctor respond?  Why does he respond in this way?  What does Danforth mean then when he says, “Then your purpose is somewhat larger.” (97)
H) What happens when John Proctor and Francis Nurse submit a “testament” signed by 91 people?  Who are these people and why did they sign this document?  How does Danforth respond to this document?  What does he decide to do with these people?
I) What kind of document does Giles Corey try to submit to the court?  What happens to him?
J) Describe Reverend Hale’s changing sense of what’s happening.  How does he feel about Rebecca Nurse having been condemned? (see page 104)
K) On page 105 Danforth explains the logic of his procedure for investigating witchcraft.  How does he see it?  What might be the problem with this logic?
L) How does Abigail respond to the content of Mary Warren’s deposition?  When she does this how does John Proctor respond?
M) Near the end of this act, Elizabeth is brought in and questioned.  In the end she lies.  What does she lie about?  Why?  What will happen now as a result of this?
N) Why does Hale quit the court?

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