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AP English language and comp, honors English 11/12                   m crawford

1x8 (or 10) assignment.  (1 simple argument made with 8 [or 10] different rhetorical strategies)

The purpose of this assignment is to require students to demonstrate that they are familiar with and able to use effectively each rhetorical strategy listed below.

Step 1:  Using your textbook, your notes, reliable online resources,  examples from class, make sure you understand each of the rhetorical strategies listed below.  Make sure you understand them well enough that you cannot only identify them—you can make use of them.

Step 2:  Choose a simple point or simple argument you want to make.  Perhaps you want your parent(s) to allow you to adopt a dog; perhaps you are misguided enough to think that Leonardo DiCraprio is the best actor working today.* This assignment is meant to focus on the different strategies, not on the subtlety or complexity of your argument.  You are encouraged to be creative and funny.  Simple claim.  Wide range of strategies.

Step 3:  Write a single paragraph using the strategy of concern.  (Your first sample will demonstrate the use of example and will be very much like the sample page concerned with facebook)  Type this sample of your argument in a single paragraph in the format of our format guide.  The paragraph need not be an introductory paragraph; it could be a paragraph that would appear in the middle of a more complex essay.

Step 4:  Repeat step three for each of the following rhetorical strategies:

1. Illustrating Ideas by use of examples
2. Analyzing a Subject by Classification
3. Explaining by Means of Comparison
4. Using Analogy as an Expository Device
5. Explaining through Process Analysis
6. Analyzing Cause and Effect Relationships
7. Using Definition to Help Explain
8. Using Narration as an Expository Technique
(extra credit for 9 and 10)
9. Reasoning by Use of Induction
10. Reasoning by Use of Deduction

Step 5:  Identify each paragraph in terms of strategy employed and assemble the typed sample paragraphs in the order of the above list.

Step 6:  Submit your work at the beginning of the period on the date written below.

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