Thursday, October 27, 2011

CRQs Gatsby chapter 4

English 11
Gatsby Chapter 4

Explain the description of Gatsby’s car. “Everybody had seen it,” Nick says. What does this suggest?

How well does Nick know Gatsby at this point (page 68)?

What is unusual about the way Gatsby tells Nick about his life? What are some of the significant details?

Who is Meyer Wolfsheim? Why does he appear in the text? About whom do we learn something when we meet Wolfsheim?

What story does Jordan tell on page 79-83? Why does the story go back to 1917? What missing pieces of the story are being filled in here?

On page 83, Nick asserts, “It was a strange coincidence.” Jordan tells him, “But it wasn’t a coincidence at all.” What are they talking about? Why does Jordan think it wasn’t a coincidence? Where did she learn this? What does Gatsby want Nick to do?

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